“I was in a head-on collision eight years ago and had an extreme case of whiplash with excruciating neck and back pain. I received conventional chiropractic care and physical therapy for an entire year, without real improvement. One year after starting Network Care, I’m experiencing no pain of any kind.”


“After suffering from allergies for fifteen years, I didn’t think I would breathe normally ever again. Now my breathing is open, full and so refreshing. I can actually smell and taste things in a brand new way – more than ever before. It is like getting over a fifteen-year cold and going back to a normal life again.”


“I came in very sick. After three visits I was so much better and I was amazed at how well I could breathe! I got better without western medicine and amazed at how my health and wellness has shifted. It is nice to have full breath! I used to wheeze 70% of the time since I was a small child. Now—hardly ever.”


“I am healing physically and, at the same time, beginning to have ideas about improving my life, including changing my career. This has been followed by intuitive insights on the steps I need to make, and the confidence that comes with knowing myself. This is happening at an incredible pace.”


“I am more acutely aware of my entire body as a result of Network Spinal Analysis. My sense of movement is more certain and agile. Physical tensions, especially in my coccyx, right ankle and Achilles tendon and right scapula have been drastically reduced. I am much more playful as a result.”


“I was taking analgesics by the handful, but they weren’t really helping very much. After seeing the neurologist and the rheumatologist (who diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, for which he could do nothing), I incorporated Network Wellness care. If I compare where I am now with where I was, the change is huge.”


Network Wellness Center utilizes Network Spinal Analysis™ (Network Care). We provide a unique healing and wellness perspective. Unlike the treatment of disease that may merely alleviate a symptom, Network Care results in what is called “wellness behavior” or an increased “sense of well-being.” Wellness behavior is the ability to make healthier choices, have more life enjoyment, and be better able to adapt to stress. Most disease is attributable to lifestyle, environmental factors or habits that negatively affect the body over a lifetime. People under Network Care change these destructive patterns by making healthier choices, having a sense of increased well-being, and making dramatic life changes that better support their healing. Network Care helps your body be made whole and to heal.


Many health related articles, recently and for some time, have been published regarding chronic sub-clinical inflammation being the underlying cause of many serious ailments. Among these are autoimmune diseases, cardiac conditions and cancer. Less threatening are the many nagging conditions we often endure many having no defining name.


So how does chronic sub-clinical inflammation develop? Most often it starts with gut health and the health of the microbiome — the bugs, good and bad that inhabit the gut. Disruptors of this delicate balance include poor diet, medications such as antibiotics and over-the-counter pain pain relievers and mental emotional stress.


Recognizing the importance of this critical health factor to mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and performance I have been and continue to offer nutrition and diet testing service here at Network Wellness Center. I am skilled in the latest Applied Kinesiology techniques that zero in on gut health, the factors affecting it and the nutrient and natural aids that help heal it.

Currently the fee for the initial evaluation is $125.00 and the fee for follow-up testing is $100.00. Beginning November 1st the fee for the initial evaluation will be set at $150.00 and the fee for follow-up testing will be set at $125.00.

I would like to see more of you take advantage of this important service. So for the month of October all testing will be just $100 per session.