Clean and powerful

Nibiru couples clean, breath-taking design with powerful yet simple features that keep you in control of the user experience your audience receives.

Attention to detail

Nibiru’s attention to detail is second to none. Each pixel has been carefully crafted to provide a user experience that is intuitive,  simple and aesthetically simulating.

First class support

We measure our success in terms of happy customers. We’re not here to make sales. We’re here help you achieve your goals, well after you’ve purchased Nibiru.


Network Wellness Center utilizes Network Spinal Analysis™ (Network Care). We provide a unique healing and wellness perspective. Unlike the treatment of disease that may merely alleviate a symptom, Network Care results in what is called “wellness behavior” or an increased “sense of well-being.” Wellness behavior is the ability to make healthier choices, have more life enjoyment, and be better able to adapt to stress. Most disease is attributable to lifestyle, environmental factors or habits that negatively affect the body over a lifetime. People under Network Care change these destructive patterns by making healthier choices, having a sense of increased well-being, and making dramatic life changes that better support their healing. Network Care helps your body be made whole and to heal.

Help and support

Nibiru is shipped with extensive support that’ll get your site up and running quickly and seamlessly.


Full multimedia support

Bring your site to life with Nibiru’s multi-format content – from images to embedded and self-hosted videos.


Fully responsive design

Nibiru scales beautifully on all devices. From desktop to mobile, your pixels will remain close to perfect.


Fully filterable portfolio

Showcase your skills using Nibiru’s Portfolio function and allow visitors to filter your work by discipline.