Network Spinal Analysis or NSA is a low-force approach to spinal care with unique outcomes and clinical results. As practitioners of NSA, we are confident your body will respond well to the gentle and effective treatment we offer. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, have an acute injury, or simply want to take a more active role in your wellness, NSA can be your answer.

Although in this office we seek to help you develop new strategies for wellness, as well as spinal and nervous system integrity, as Network Care chiropractors we focus upon vertebral subluxation or partial dislocation. We categorize subluxations into two categories: structural segmental distortion and spinal cord/nerve elongation or stretching. By providing gentle force applications at the spine to enhance spinal and nervous system integrity, subluxations are corrected.

We want you to understand that care in this office is different from what many consumers may expect from chiropractors practicing manipulative therapy. Our care will consist of Network Spinal Analysis care and wellness education. We expect you to be active in this process and an active participant in your care and healing.