What will Network Spinal Analysis do for me?

NSA helps the person to use the energy within their spinal tension to fuel the healing process. Network care helps your internal cues to become so available that people more often act, think, feel, and respond in a more productive and healthier fashion. Through a specified plan of Network Adjustments or Entrainments, you will progress through a series of Levels of Care, which over a time will enable you to: better adapt to your environment and its stresses; make healthier life choices; develop a healthier spine and body; and live a more fulfilling and enriched life.

What is the focus of Network Care?

Through Network Care, we will assist your body to develop new and better strategies for effective living and greater healing. These strategies will help you:

  • Establish the capacity of your nervous system to connect and release areas of tension, and impaired function
  • Enhance your ability to generate automatic respirations and movements that help your spine and nervous system to dissipate tension, increase circulation and energy flow, and promote healing
  • Develop an effective and trusting relationship with your spine, nervous system, body, and your healing process
  • Monitor improvement in coordinated function of nerves, muscles, vertebra, and soft tissues that promotes a healthy spine and nervous system
  • Assist your body in removing spinal interference to communication between your brain and the cells of your body, increasing your body’s ability to properly respond to its experiences, challenges, and needs
  • Develop lifetime strategies for self-awareness and healing
  • Assess the significant improvement in your health and quality of life through a very wide range of indicators
  • Monitor your progress with periodic clinical re-evaluations performed by your chiropractor

What can I expect during a visit?

Network Care as you receive it is a system of gentle or light touches and body movements that help enable the body’s healing systems and mechanisms. This application called a ‘Network Adjustment,’ or what is sometimes referred to as an ‘Entrainment,’ helps the body have a greater awareness and move away from defense toward growth and healing. NSA ‘feels’ good because there is no abruptness and no need to become tense while on the table. You may notice your body ‘moving’ as your body begins to experience a ‘healing wave.’ Many people report after a session a deep sense of peace or calm and generally are very relaxed.

You may be in a room with one or a few tables. If you wish to have privacy during your visit, please let us know. Most of the time you will be lying on a special table face down, fully clothed except for your shoes off. This makes it easier to perform a leg check for spinal tension patterns, observe respiration, muscular tension patterns and movement, as well as better enable us to palpate your spine. Every so often you may be asked to fill out a form, a wellness evaluation, to assess your progress and establish if any changes should be made in your care. These forms will be reviewed and discussed with the doctor during progress and re-evaluations.

What are these ‘Healing Waves’ you mention?

Through Network Care the brain may generate two waves that are associated with dissipation of energy, enhanced vertebral motion, coordination of the spinal subsystems, and enhanced well-being. These are known as the Respiratory and Somatopsychic waves and are unique to Network Care. The Respiratory wave is characterized by a full and profound natural rhythmic breathing which begins at the base of the spine, progresses upward between the shoulder blades, around the shoulders, and into the neck. It naturally gently rocks the vertebra ‘melting’ tension and enhancing the development of your body’s emerging strategies of wellness. The Somatopsychic Wave (soma for body, psyche for mind or spirit) is associated with muscular contraction which pulsates and organizes various spinal segments into a fluid wave like coordinated motion. These wave mechanisms are currently being studied at the University of Southern California to better characterize them and to evaluate their potential role in the body’s reorganization to a higher level. During the Network sessions, your practitioner may position your spine to allow for a more effective redistribution of energy, improved coordination of the spinal integrity subsystems, and an enhancement of full spinal involvement in these ‘healing waves.’

What should I look for to measure my progress?

You should start to feel more awareness of your body and breath. You might feel your steps are different; you will see you carry your body differently. As you progress along, the spine revitalizes, energizes, and helps the body to self-correct distortions of alignment and posture. Also a wide range of physical complaints such as headaches, pain, eczema, menstrual cramps, dizziness, and many others have been reported to improve or even resolve. You will discover that you can heal yourself. We will help this process through our effective clinical care.

Why are gentle contacts performed mostly on the neck and lower spine?

As far as a gentle touch, this is consistent with Network Spinal Analysis. The intent is to enable the body’s own self-generated mechanisms of movement and respiration to assist in the correction of mechanical tension and interference to the nervous system, promoting better strategies for you and your body to live with. The care is a continuum of increasing spinal awareness and self-corrective efficiency. A gentle touch adjustment has been demonstrated to be effective to achieve these ends. Since the regions your Network practitioner is seeking to affect are not the regions of maximum tension, fixation, inflammation or pain, but instead regions often remote from them likely to generate these conditions, minimal force is required for correction. The body has a striving to be self-corrective and utilize its energy most efficiently. The body’s own self-organizational intelligence responds to the specific touch to generate a change. The neck and low spine are the major regions of attention in Network Care, since these are the regions where the spinal cord itself is attached to the vertebral column. Therefore altered tension from these regions can have widespread, or global, spinal and nervous system consequences warranting specific clinical intervention.

Where does pain fit into the picture?

Pain is an experience of awareness. Pain acts to alert the individual that the body-mind is being challenged in maintaining its status quo. It tells the body-mind that something has to shift or change, or greater awareness need be paid attention. This is a means of the body saying “Wake Up! Something here needs attention!”


How long does it take to do the nutrition test? Is this a one-time test or should I be tested annually?

You should expect to be here for about an hour for the test. As our bodies change with seasons as well as our age and lifestyle choices, I recommend being tested periodically.

Do you carry all the supplements you will perscribe at the end of the nutrition test?


Will this help my back and neck pain?

Usually, people find that many types of painful symptoms are improved through NSA care. It’s important to remember that everyone is unique and thus responds to any type of care in their own individual way. You could experience positive benefits within a few short visits or longer. We encourage you to experience NSA and see.

What does the care cost?

This is a very good question and a common concern for some people seeking care. We have several plans for care covering individuals and families. We consider it an investment in yourself and we take you and your family’s well-being very seriously. Our care is very affordable for people with or without insurance, especially considering the tremendous improvements in quality of life received associated with the care.

How long do I need to come for care?

That’s another individual question. During your initial report of findings during your first few visits and after our full evaluation of you and your health profile, will we determine a plan of care to most effectively assist you in reaching your health and wellness goals.


Is NSA good for children?

Absolutely! NSA is wonderful for the entire family, and we highly recommend that everyone be in care together. We have babies in care as well! Everyone can benefit from living in greater connection to themselves and the world.

I’m pregnant. Should I wait until after I have my baby to start?

NSA is perfect for the expecting mother both for its gentle application as well as its effective results and outcomes. For the first 4-5 months during pregnancy, NSA care is performed without variation. After 5 months, contacts are made while using body pillows and lying on your side. Pregnant women experience many great advantages under Network Care and many report smoother pregnancies and labors with care.